BLANKON GIRL | Because Muslimah is more than beautiful woman with scarf in her head. -Wita Koto-


You might know already that Green Day’s song guys. that lyrics totally represented my bad of timing. YES! I  missed my September Post (and also August post actually hihi) seemed like i did Hibernation and just woke up 4 days ago.

Actually, I was so busy for 2 months to do my Application for getting full Scholarship in IPEK UNIVERSITY. I did everything to get it. I was giving all my best when i did my application and interviewed… than here I am , because of the kindness of Him, I am become one of the full scholarship winner since i did had work. Yeaaaay Finally! Alhamdulillah…

I have asked by my friends to share my experience of getting this scholarship and now it still in progress, I will post it as soon as possible. Sooooo,  because waiting is so boring, i wanna share you the other blog post of mine to be read. This post is kinda appetizers that you can eat (re:read) first before the main food come. yeah this is just a short post, not a long one… I am gonna tell you my experience of being “ikut-ikutan” which makes me become one of the “korban mode”. hahaha are you laughing ? I don’t mind… You can laugh as much as you want… really!  because i’m laughing too when i write this. hahaha

Sooo this the story …

I have once in my life, wear this stuff in my head in the last autumn. They called it Turban and it becomes so famous nowadays for muslimah spescially in Indonesia. I do like turban but my though was changed since one of my Indonesian friend who took Turkish course as i did, asked me, “What’s that in your head? is that BLANKON?” hahaha suddenly my mood jumped to the deepest ravine when i heard it. i think i would looked the same as beautiful as Yuna Zarai or Indah Nada Puspita when they wear it. Then i know the conclusion…. Turban doesn’t suit my chubby cheeks and my short neck well, do it? ok, Let me show you the pictures




the photos were taken in front of  Turgut Ozal University, Ankara Turkey in the last autumn.

I love these pictures… because its show me how photos can make the Turban looks better than the reality >.<

what i wanna tell you guys…. specially for the muslimah teens in Indonesia. “Kita gak perlu berusaha setengah mati ikutan mode terbaru biar gaul dan cantik kok 🙂” iya, setuju kalau setiap perempuan emang maunya selalu cantik , muslimah yang berjilbab juga banyak yang ingin buktiin dengan pakai jilbab mereka tetap cantik….. Tapi lebih dari itu,  why don’t we just be ourself? Gak semua gaya hijabers harus kita ikutin kok biar cantik. Ketika kita mikirin banget gimana penampilan kita, harusnya kita juga jangan lupa tentang hati dan akal yang juga mesti dipercantik.

Salut sama muslimah-muslimah Indonesia yang super duper creative. You all have found your creative way of hijab-ing guys! but, my word is…. don’t let this ceativity decline the essential of hijab-ing 🙂

so, Jadi diri sendiri aja, best of your version!  Dan jangan jadi korban mode as i have did hehe 😀

“Beauty is not in the face but heart”

–Khalil Gibran-



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